If Johnny Only Had An Eight Inch Foot

I remember being in elementary school,
And on the very first day of fifth grade...
The teacher said to us,
'Always know this...
No question asked is a stupid one.'

We all looked at each other.
To then compete to ask,
Some of the most stupidest questions...
We could create she could not possibly answer.

Because we all lived in a low income project,
It was believed we were deprived of intelligence as well.
And we, then, as children...
Did not want to disappoint her expectations.

'If two shoes were on the wrong foot,
Would that be twelve or twenty-four inches missed...
If Johnny only had an eight inch foot? '

~I don't know.
Is there a Johnny in the classroom? ~

We only have Mikes and Bobs.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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