If Kept To Value

If kept to value,
Had been life and everyone's right...
To worship as they please,
With a faith that expresses...
Their gratefulness for being blessed.
Contests would have not been created.
By those of selfish misdeeds,
Living to feed upon greed... Exclusively.
To discover themselves,
And their selfish ways regretted...
When it is Mother Nature,
One day that takes all possessions...
From those with kept beliefs.
That their ability to acquire things,
Kept to keep cherished.
Perishes with a self worth.
No longer to pride those values,
To decide...
They are better than others,
Picked to deny...
The right to live their lives,
As they like.
And many awaken too late to realize,
It is God that 'giveth'.
To also exhibit a 'taketh awayeth'...
When faked faith displays,
Bigotry and hatred as a way...
To portray themselves as 'Chosen'.
Who knows?
Maybe they were 'chosen'.
As those charading a faith to betray!

If kept to value,
Had been their faith left to express.
Less would be the distress,
Shown from those who accept...
God knows what's best,
To address this better than anyone...
Claiming to be qualified.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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