SKB (4th December 1966 / Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India)

# If Life

If life has many so shades
How many for a death’s blades
One, three or ten?
I ask this question often

If life with hope may glitter
Smash'd by waves of despair
What may it count for a death?
To know, I often aspire

If dreams a life inside silver reels
Weaves spectrum like a rainbow feels
What death may feel while she sleeps?
I quip with bountiful glees

If life for two souls bound possessive
Like two hearts play gay abandon, indecisive
What may they bind inside a death's fugitive?
Restless am I within my inquisitive

If life vibrates in joy and sorrow
Yet a God's bliss will remain tomorrow
The ebbs and tides ever inside His ocean
Ah! They do not end! Do never vanish!
O! Why should death had been a Lover’s last wish?
Souls inside those marbles forever bemoan!
Ever may maiden Yamuna! Let her languish!

If life like a flowing river
Foaming in restless water
Will death be like a mountain’s silence?
Quiescence of a snow's ponder?
Lo! A bee inside has stopped humming
Mute murmur in yonder

Shamik Bose Nov 09 Calcutta

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