If Love Was A Candy Bar, I'd Gobble You Up

I like it when the Scoobs puckers up
Her nose at me, It's fun, and when she
Pretends to be mad at me, I crack up.
Laughter is sublime, much higher than glee,

And two people in love is divine.
It's the most joyous of human emotion;
When our laughter becomes yours and mine,
And ours again, and in slow motion,

And all at the same time, my love.
I love you, you know; I always have,
And I don't see how that Great Brooding Dove
That sadst on the abyss of creation could've

Not seen us all those years ago,
In this moment of unsustainable joy
That you and I get to feel blow
Over us like children in a garden holding hands;
A smiling little girl, and laughing little boy.

by Shannon Walker

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