GO (1970 / Saskatchewan, Canada)

If My Heart Had Wings

If my heart had wings
It could not fly any higher
Than it does when you and I are together

The sweet sound of your breathing
Your unrelenting breathing
Oh my…what it does to me

In your laughter I can feel your smile
I can just tell that it starts in your eyes
But, you must know, it ends deep in the pit of my soul

Your voice, so sweet and soulful
It raises my spirits whenever I hear it
It has embedded itself deep in my dreams

Oh…your sighs when we share an intimate moment
They take my breath away
As if you are breathing my soul deep into your being

Your whit, it snaps like a whip
And takes me by surprise every time
So quick and intelligent, it always brings a smile to my face

And your jealousy, what a sight to behold
It strikes like a snake, overpowering your prey
Leaving them whimpering in a corner like spineless jellyfish

Your beautiful mind though, that’s what I love
Sharing our thoughts, our dreams and our fantasies
It’s what drives you deep into my heart

Your girlish flirtations, hehe
How I do love them
That’s what drew me to you like a moth to the flame

But your heart, your ever-loving heart
It has devoured me and engulfed me in its warmth
It is the glue that binds my soul to yours

If my heart had wings
It could not fly any higher
For it already soars on the currents of our love

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Wow...very nicely written indeed. Tell her she's a lucky lady to have someone who writes such beautiful poetry for her...: -) Hugs, Dee
IT's the most beautiful poem that I've read on PH. Superb! but you've only written 2 poems, you should write many many many many more.... Preets
Absolutely superb, Gene. I see you have only two pieces - both of them masterpieces to my mind - posted here; write more, I beg you! tx