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If My Machine Answers, You’re The Plumber
GL Glenn Latal ( / )

If My Machine Answers, You’re The Plumber

I’m not here right now.
If you wish to leave a message,
I’ll see that I get it when I return.
It seems I’m doing something somewhere else.
Though there’s always the possibility
that I’m actually here and I just didn’t notice.
If you want, I can look.
However, I have to admit
I’m not sure I want to be disturbed right now.
I might be doing something important.
Until I tell me that you’re on the line
there’s no way to know if I want to speak with you.
Are you beginning to see my dilemma?
You know, it might be better if you tried some other time.
Such as some time after five.
I’ll be gone then
and there’ll be a better chance I’ll pick up.
How’s that sound?
Oh, excellent.
Thanks for calling and have a nice day.
Ta, ta.

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