(11-21-61 / Ripley, Tennessee)

If Not By Sight Than With Passion Shall I See

Let not mine eyes go blind slowly,
Least I should die as flowers doeth die in the fall.
Quickly take my sight, as not to impair the beauty I have seen.
As dying as the embers within the fires of life flicker heavenward,
Let me remember thine beauty,
love thine smile, and worship thine soul.
Let mine lips taste thine tender kisses.
Fill mine heart with a fire only ye can quench.
Heaven has fashioned a beauty,
made from the purest of gold.
Only ye can give to me what I can not give unto myself, thine love.
Ye are from another world,
that angels have only dreamt about,
and mortals so desire.
Say ye love no other,
least mine heart should brake into a thousand pieces before thine very eyes.
Let not mine spirit rise,
only to be crushed beneath the devils feet,
hearing his cruel laughter ringing within mine ears.
Slowly mine soul fades in despair at the thought of never having thee.
I am but a helpless fly caught within thine web of charm.
I humbly bow to thee, Lord of my desire.
Let us steal away within the night,
like two bandits throwing caution to the wind as we spread our wings.
Let us raise our voices unto the heavens in joyous harmony, singing of a love which will never be.
Say we should whisper our words of love upon a spring breeze,
And pray they should not be lost.

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