If Not For Love (Sung To God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Love lives within the human heart, a witness to God's grace
And every soul must play its part for blessings to take place!
Through charity we comprehend that others need help, too.
It's how we prove to be a friend beyond our point of view.
Sometimes we sense a sacrifice will help another live!
God asks of us to pay the price - to give what we can give!
The best of us will hear that call, responding well with love,
Yet there are those who'd rather stall or say they gave enough...
In time, all blessings will be weighed, as if to judge their worth.
To prove to those who have obeyed how their love filled the Earth.
Till then there's opportunity, no matter where you are -
To start with, learn of Calvary - its light shines near and far!
If not for love where would we go? What future would we seek?
In Jesus Christ each soul can know: true love is strong not weak!
While wisdom brings Mankind knowledge, alone it bears no light.
The Holy Spirit grants courage to always do what's right!
The Prophets shared God's prophecies so we'd redeem the time...
As servants, let us try to please - for God's love is sublime!
Reach out in faith for sweet kisses, be humble yet be bold!
The future holds God's promises that are as good as gold!

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