If Not For You

If not for you,
then for who,
will it be for,
you walk in the room,
like Marilyn Munroe,
making all swoon,
your beauty is like the full moon,
all shiny and new,
of all things to come,
the lovers moon,
but what of you,
do you dream too,
if so of who,
and do you need them too,
your beauty is so fine,
you could have any guy,
but will they love you too,
because one day your beauty will fade,
then you only have what's inside,
if you have goodness in there,
you will have nothing to fear,
if not you will have only tears.

by Dennis Field

Comments (2)

Beautiful expression, and totally true about what or who you are inside. It's more important and lasting than beauty. Very good poem. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Wonderfull theme and you have expressed it so well in the write with an alluring title. Everything in this world will fade away one or the other day and so beauty. But then that lives long is one' character that leaves its impression even after a persons departure. Loved and enjoyed the read. Voted 10+