If Not From Them Done

There are quite a few,
Wanting to be accepted.
For the people they have become.
As if they have been annointed,
With it to believe...
A shown disrespect to others made known,
Should be expected.
As if their butts had been measured,
For golden thrones to sit upon.
They can belittle and demean.
With it heard to others to say,
"It's not all about you! "
To those who too,
Are the people they have become.
And refuse to be disrespected.
By anyone.
Regardless how high,
Kept pretensions sit.
Especially if not from them done.
To know such comments made today,
Can only come from one...
Who has a mind still childish.
Seeking to be validated.
And acknowledged for a wish to get attention.

-So right you are.
Thank you for making me aware,
As to who it is all about.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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