If Not Wished

The popularity of vulgarity,
And the ease it offends...
Those with political correct realities,
With a refusing to believe...
Restrictive laws to prevent dropped jaws,
In an attempt to create 'utopia'...
Is a foolish doing by those deluded,
Who market decadence with a temptation...
And a teasing meant to sell relentlessly.

Truth is free to face and at no one's expense!
And far less cheaper than advertising to market,
A decadence effectively done to fill pockets.
Intended for a few to charade their pretense.

But so many are convinced,
A congregating in places where demon ways are taught...
Will release from an existence,
If on their knees there is a seeking sought...
To eliminate and erase,
That which validates a kept feeding of fed appetites.
Sold to be bought and available day and night.

Only that which exists,
Would not be there to cause despair...
If the presence of it was not wished.
None of this would exist,
If not wished.
But through prayers the validating of it is permitted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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