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If Only

You are like no other
I ever met
So young
and yet so wise
And me you get

I cannot accept
your enticing offer
It's so hard to be alone
but I cannot be your lover

I try so hard
to understand
But life has dealt me
a very cruel hand

I just can't imagine
being with another
The love I once had
has made me mad

He haunts me
every night
and day
He just won't seem
to go away

I would give anything
to love again
but until such time
as I live again

Please just try
to be a friend

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Comments (6)

When a heart is full of love it never leaves that golden chalice itonly sleeps for a while and in time rises and the heart becomes refreshed and acceptable. I myself do not believe in barriers of age, colour, religion, but only if it is right, your heart will tell you I know Thanks for a good poem Chris 10
Does it not annoy you, that you give your heart to someone and they break it. You struggle to repair it and yet they seem to move on so easily. This one's a little sad but he sounds like a good friend to have if he chooses to be.
Beautiful peice, I: heart: it verry much, shweet... :)
Lovely poem, past loves are gone but not forgotten, remember with a smile. Bob
Past hurt speaks through the present and asks for understanding. Very well written. Thanks.
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