If Only

A girl sits in her room all alone late at night
Looking out the window at the world below.
She cries and cries and cries.
She wonders who will save her from this hurt and pain.
Save her from being abused,
And having to listen to the arguements, bottles breaking.
Save her from feeling alone and never feeling good enough.
Til one night she decides to stop crying.
Decides to be the one to take herself out of this hell.
Now she lies in the ground.
Every so often loved ones come to visit, lay flowers.
But only when they feel strong enough to face reality that she's gone.
If only.
If only someone would of listened.
Listened to hear her tears hit the ground.
Or listened when she tried to stop the fighting,
Or been there to comfort her through it all.
If only she would of known death wasn't the only escape.
And known someone had loved her.

by Roxy Gonro

Comments (2)

I like it alot: ]. Its got a great message, and nice easy, flowing lines. Is this a true story? Hopefully its not a look into the future-you have remarkable talent that shouldn't go to waste: P.
Good story line and well written