BC (April 12,1993 / Millinocket, Maine)

If Only.....

If only I could fly,
I would fly to the heavens,
and soar through the sky,
if only I could fly.

If only babies could be understood,
I'd want to know what they say,
so I could talk to my little sister,
day to day,
If only it could be that way.

If only some people could see,
that it doesn't matter if your black, white, purple, or green,
or if your obese, skinny,
a christian or hindi,
all people are equal,
we should all be treated the same,
whether you have lots of fame,
or if nobody even knows your name,
if only all people could see that way.

You can do alot of things with 'If only',
but I go by what my dad once told me,
you can say 'If only' a million times,
but that doesn't mean no matter what you do,
that that 'If only' will ever come true.

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