If Only

Poem By D.M. Barber

I sit and wonder
Look around
See the children
Listen to their sound

The sweetness of innocents
Echoes in my mind
I try to remember
When life was that fine

These kids are so lucky
So able to live
They are so free
But still wish they were me

I am grown up
Cool and hip
But what you see here is only the tip

Deep down inside
Im shattered and broken
But the words which I speak
Aren’t truly spoken

Coz I am abused,
A tool unused
Ignored by some
Hated by most
But I will haunt them
When I’m merely a ghost

So shut the door
Again and again
Block me out
Coz im not your friend

One day you’ll need me
And I’ll nod my head
I’d gladly help
If I wasn’t dead.

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