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If Only

If only I could make this world a better place to live,
where people don’t know selfishness, but only how to give.
If only I could stop all wars, see enemies shake hands.
If only I could feed a child that starves in foreign lands.
If only I could heal the sick and make them well again,
in a world that’s fit and healthy, and never knowing pain.
If only I could bring some joy to those who grieve alone,
I’d pray to god and ask if I can take their loved ones home.
If only I could reach in every corner of the earth,
I’d rake out all the evil, only keeping what is worth.
If only I had power to hold this world within my hand,
I’d make this place a heaven on earth, a perfect wonderland.
Though all these things seem out of reach, I do not dream alone,
If only is a dream in every heart in every home.

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Another poem of caring and giving. I confess, however, that I no longer entertain such hopes. I've grown far too cynical and...not selfish but 'ultra-realistic'. 20 years ago, though, it was a different story, promise (I've just turned 30 but this comment is not meant to be in any way facetious) .