(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

If Only...

If only I could say, look Hon
Our kids are growing tall and strong.
My God, so many times have past
I’ve needed your hand to hold and grasp.

I wish we could share the good and bad
Of raising our kids, it makes me so sad.
Sometimes I think I can’t do it alone
It’s hard you know, I’m not made of stone.

Our daughter will graduate from high school this year
I wish you could see her and hold her near
Our son is nine now and terribly smart
Please God, keep the love for his dad in his heart.

Are you up there my love? Do you hear when I talk?
Do you follow me close when I go for a walk?
Please watch them darling, our Trina and Steve
I’ll try to be happy, I’ll try not to grieve.

Written in 1986

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