If Only I Could

If only Icould fly
I'll soar up into the blue sky
Have a closer look to the stars at night
Stars with brightlydazzling lights

If only I could reach the highest mountain
With it's peak snow covered like porcelain
Blazing like fire when the sun begins
How awesome to admire until evening

If only I could turn back the time
That precious time when she's still mine
Sharing good times to a bottle of wine
Alas! it's all in memory that reminds

If only I could not hurt anyone
Hurt the very being that can't stand
The deepest wound pierced by words not by hands
Then it's easy to be with everyone

If only I could have the chance to know
All the answers and solutions too
For all the things if only I could do
Things impossible to come true
If only I could!

by olive lasat

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