If Only I Could Talk

How joyous
At last I was conceived
Instantly, fear engulfs me
Mom seems frightened
She fears- I fear

Dad! Powerful dad!
To make good his reputation
Ironically turns out to refuse
On receiving the bad news
Naive mum becomes of no use

What a quick option
For my grieving young mom
She thought of no one to turn to
No one to guide her
No one to urge on-her
No one to comfort her
For she had kept it to herself
All because of fear
Woe is me for I could not talk

Her decision proves final
Woe betide her
For women in the backstreets
Ruthless and ready to miss-treat
Blindly sprang into action
Termination was their mission

The excruciating pain, the guilt feeling
I thought would be my saviors
They never were, for nothing seemed to stop her
From getting rid of me
I was unwanted
Mother of a dead child- would be a joy to mom.

Your lust for money
You! Old women
Your judgement- society needs not me
So, your crude weapons at work
Devouring innocent me
Stayed within your comfort zone
Yet you had the ability to talk
My mom- young and naive- needed only a word
A word to guide
A word to assure her
"A bend in the road is not the end of the road"
I was unworthy you concluded
Made her fail to make the turn
You cashed in yet you were my last hope
You have heard her last groan
Her soul gone
My soul gone
Women enemies of women

Dad turned away from me
Mom`s fear brought her to you
You were my last hope
Yet you decided otherwise

Your verdict at last has left you scheming
On how you will get rid of us

by Collins Masika

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