(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

She Lends Her Heart To Me

More old than young
More young than old
Dreams of love
Never could be bought or sold

Rainy day
dream away
to lover far away
to share the day

Moonlit, starlit park benches
Waterfront passionate kisses
The heart longs for
And so misses

Hoping this day
Will speed up or end
Or bring back my distant friend
Whose heart, I know she'll lend

We meet in imagined blissful care
Desperately lonely heartfelt pair
Friends who dare to share
Lay dreamlike and bare

Whisper in to each other's ears
That they are really there
As angelic trumpets in the distance blare
I feel the softness of her hair

When we meet we feel care
Neither setting any snare
We meet far from the world's strife
In restful peace, share a piece of life

She's so warm and dear
Full of spunk and little fear
Neither old and neither young
She has the softest tongue

As the raindrops pool outside
I let my emptiness open wide
And close my eyes and try to find her
And wish she was here by my side

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Short, simple but sweet. Lovely