SSY ( / New York, NY)

If Only It Could...

If only she would someday walk
before the camera
of my eye
free of all her pains and doubts
I would paint a picture for the world to see
to show that we had finally found
our way back to possibility
If her smile could just return
to claim its place
among the contours of her face
One by one her tears would dry
one by one would go away
And then
from then
to evermore
she would
hold me near
Door to door would open wide
to the futures bright
and safe retreats
If only she could leave
the past behind
and follow me
but again
across the winters fallowed land
return once more to
Covemont Valley
and the high sky
landing of
Chimney Ridge
where the wind read us poetry
and solutions came to embrace
where once we thought to build our house
If only this could be...

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I saw your comment on a friend's poem today, decided to read yours and am glad I did... This poem is terribly affecting, beautifully wrought, truthful... Esther
Author's Comments: 'A lament sadly known by all too many '