If Only Magic Was Real.

If only magic was real.
But only for nice wee people.
If evil people had magic,
All chaos would break loose.

The punks would finally get their way,
And there would be all out anarchy.
Evil people could kill nice wee people,
With a flick of the wrist and a ceremonial word,
Assuming that’s how magic would work if it was real.

Alas, we return to the punks,
Their philosophy is non-conforming,
So then the punks would become nice wee people,
And wear nice wee clothes,
And live in houses with white picket fences,
Unless the evil people killed them for being nice wee people.

I wish I had magic.
I would make the world a better place.
Unless everyone had magic,
And everyone would kill everyone else.
I guess there’s a reason we don’t have magic,
We’d just wreck it like everything else we humans do.
We’ve ruined our rainforests,
Our arctic
And our morals.

I guess we don’t have magic,
Because if we did,
We’d just wreck it,
Cause man has a habit of wrecking things.

21: 08 28/03/2006

by Mordrid Harpoon

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Sorry folks I was in a weird mood. And I was annoyed at humans... if that's possible...