If Only She Knew

If only she knew,
How I feel inside.
Feelings inside uncomprehended,
Lost deep in the abyss that is me.
Your smiling face truly is a wonder,
But your smiling is it true?
My smile is there for you,
Is yours?
Never riled, just loving,
My dear friend she is,
I wish I could help her cope,
But what can I do alone?
I wish I could promise serenity,
I wish I was peace of mind,
I wish I gave her every emotion,
That deal with the happy kind.
I wish I could heal her wounds,
I want to explain the world.
Give her her eyes,
And make the world coherent.
As life rolls along,
And I see here time to time,
I only wish she knew,
That I loved her dearly,
Enough to worry.

by Mark Ruiz

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A very sweet and tender write. Admiration and love Patricia Gale