(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

If Only This World Will Listen

From the sick man of Europe came Balkanization,
To err is human but to bring peace is better than war!
Wake up my people and listen to me,
Like the dream of Joseph to his parents and siblings;
If only the world will listen,
Peace is better than war!
They are fighting every now and then,
But who is ready for peace?
They are killing ane another,
But who is ready for peace?
Look at what you see around you and tell me if it is fair;
With so much hatred than peace when,
One tries to earn a living.
Learn today and earn tomorrow,
Like women being exposed in the form of beauty shows.
How do we pick up the pieces after war?
Like a marriage based on a seed surrounded with bombs! !
The status of death,
We all have much to say;
The status of war,
We all have much to worry about;
But the vision is still in progress like a palm-wine taper.

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