If Only We Could Do That!

To wake every morning
as the birds do
with no yesterday
and no tomorrow
just filled with the moment,
exhaling joy and gratitude
into the air
If only we could do that.

by Nosheen Irfan

Comments (4)

If we could do that - a great vision of life has been painted nicely in brief having bucket and bucket of meanings. Thannks for sharing.
Sigh! if only we could do that, no expectations, no fear just living in moments. beautiful poem Nosheen. Nice to read after a long time.
Animals may live in an experience of the ETERNAL NOW, with no sense of the three-way division of time. Our awareness of time makes us prisoners of time. Your closing wish would liberate us free us from the burden of time - and eliminate about half of the lyric poems being written at this time..
Birds are the saint not only because that they don't care for tomorrow but another reason is this that a couple of birds is always loyal to the spouse.