If Only You Knew

My love, if only you knew,
My thoughts, when it comes to you.
To tell you how I feel, it would take to long,
If I had a voice like Patti, I would sing you a song.
If only you knew, that I will love you forever,
With a confidence love that cannot be severed.
I love you with the humbleness of one that has
been blessed;
I love you with the reverence of the word love and
all it suggest.
If only you knew, the love within my heart,
with an assurance that will never part.
I breathe your love, it's my air,
If only you knew, no other love can compare.
You are the best of me;
you have given me a reason to be.
If only you knew, that you have touched my soul
with grace,
like a photograph to memory, never to be erased.
I want you to know how much you mean to me,
your voice I love to hear, and your face I love to see.
Know that my love is unselfish and kind,
I feel no greater love I will find.
If only you knew, my love is unconditional, and full
of devotion,
and it's filled with adoration and emotion.
A Cascade of unselfish affection,
you are chosen, you are my selection.
If only you knew, that my love is like a river that flow,
and as we grow older, it will continue to grow.
You make me feel like a queen;
don't wake me up from this dream.
If I was choir, I could not sing,
about the happiness that your love bring.
If only you knew, you are my light on my darkest days;
you are my comfort, in so many ways.
Love is the greatest gift to be shared,
with someone you love, and someone who cares.
I need you to know, and understand,
that all I need is the love of a good man.
As long as the heavenly skies are blue,
I need you to know, how I feel about you.
I know my love.....and “If Only You Knew'.

Written...2008...(c) ...LLLee

by Lowanda Lee

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Girlllll...you go...I felt you all the way to the bone...you are rich with emotion in the way that you speak of such kindness and power...love your work..