If Our Sun Is A Star

Everyone living on Earth can see,
The Sun shining brightly...
With a radiance believed.

But when we leave this Earth,
Do we become stars...
To twinkle far?

And if our Sun is a star,
To shine brightly day and night...
Who and what is this,
Assigned to protect our existence?

Are we too not 'gods'...?
Here as a work-in-progress.
Awaiting to be assigned,
Somewhere in the Universe...
To exist eternally as 'divine'?

If not...
Why would God insist,
We exist to love Him first...
Above all others?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

I think that the ancient human had said so, not the Gods themselves! Trusting something or someone is better than living very careless and carefree life, that may affect others! Let the Gods be always the great!