If People Can Not See

There is nothing,
Anyone can say or do...
When people have repeatedly,
Chosen stupidity as a way of life.
Truth to them offends.
And they will do anything,
To defend themselves against it.

There is nothing,
Anyone can show to prove...
That excuses to make,
With denials to use...
Will not remove this cycle to continue,
If people can not see...
What they've done to themselves,
To approve of and choose.

And taking steps from them to stay away,
Accusations are made...
To be heard from them everyday,
How it is no one cares...
About the lives they have picked,
To have done with a thoughtlessness...
Should at least have others quicker to show,
Empathy given to them to get.
Instead of re-acting to them as if they are stupid.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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