If People Comprehended

Hypothetically speaking,
Of course!
And with the use of 'what ifs'...
To 'temporarily' divorce a mind,
From fantasies found to exist!
Let's pretend truth does not offend.

If people comprehended the insignificance,
Of their own ignorance...
And not a phenomenon kept throughout the Universe.
With the prospects of highly intelligent life,
More enhanced and advanced...
Than the limited enchantment those self indulged,
On this planet keep themselves dancing around...
With a profound unconsciousness habitually inflicted,
There would be increasing attempts to rid beliefs...
Divisions based on race to manipulate humanity,
Would quickly eliminate foolish conflicts.

With eyes opened wide to clearly observe and see,
The only ones indebted...
With billions of dollars owed to a declining economy,
Are those seeking to pay for their dreams...
After claiming to be connected religiously and with kept faith,
That an Almighty God will provide the way.
Without doubts to interfere.
As they tithe to keep their faith based places,
Free of all debts!

Proving both businesses deliver delusions.
Yet to enter one a tuition is paid.
To keep the doors open and lights on.
And selected are the best to teach those lessons.
One business is prioritized as divine.
And the other...
Promotes the obtaining of 'things' out of reach.

Not one guarantees a freedom from hypocrites!
Which business picked,
Gets those off their knees...
To deliver wishes and dreams quicker?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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