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If Roses...
KB (SePTeMBer,18 1983 DEath i Believe i am ImMorTal / a S M a R a)

If Roses...

If roses were with out thorns
Man would have been with out tears
If roses were only yellow
Life would have been shallow
If roses were not able to be held
Life might never needed a shield
And an end
Roses have sharp thorns
Roses are a lot
And could be held out
And so do we
Me and you
We need a shield
For life is so precious
Fragile to end
Roses and life are beautiful
Are they not?
But…. Some day….
Both will die and rot

3 June 2005

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Comments (3)

Great poem, I want to say dont beat yourself up, I dont know why.Take Care
Another charming poem, please keep writing.
you are doing good..keep writing....there is nice thought in you poem....