If Science Does Not Give Up From The Human, I Will Not Give Up From You...

Poem By Gencay

Ian: I believe we've known each other forever.

Sofi: really?

Ian: Yeah. How do you know? When the Big Bang happened, all the atoms in the universe that were stuck together exploded out of one point. My atoms and your atoms were definitely together. Who knows how many more times they've met in 13.7 billion years. My atoms know your atoms, and they always have. "My atoms have always loved your atoms..."

Source: Odiles


That's what he said in Origins.;

"My atoms have always loved your atoms..."
When I realized, that's what I said.
Actually, to you from the beginning...

What I was saying in the Hilda series,
Unaware of this scene;

"If exists,
if if you never existed,

even if we don't have lips in nothingness, our particles have touched each other,

he knows I'm kissing you, I feel it because
and man transcends nothingness, even at all, and exists when he touches his lip..."

In fact, those words on that stage speak of existence, whereas I loved you from beyond it, from nothingness...



Andromedas are like matrushkas
Growing, not shrinking
And Universe after universe, eternity
A terrible void in darkness.

There's a sea and ships far away
Ships to future World Ports
Common struggle for a common quest
For the wars of good against evil.

Programmable humanity will be created
Globalists and nationalists will fight
The world will be created from the beginning
Or submissive to be destroyed.

We are entering a new and great century
Literally in the age of reason and science
No emotion, no conscience, no robotics
And does that make sense?

Extraterrestrial intelligent races are mentioned
Good and bad races fighting each other
The goal is the search for the upper mind and resources
The goal of others is to be considered the upper mind.

The bad ones are in trouble to Destroy, Capture and rule,
The good ones are concerned with support for the search and joint struggle,

And there is so much evidence that it is in the hands of a person about these races,
Even the scientific and technological revolutions that erupted in an instant are said to be their technologies.

My head is spinning O Dear can
My thoughts on the journey
Extending from the past to the future
And a journey that transcends time.

From known and unknown existence
Oscillating dangling in said nothingness
From an end, from a beginning
A journey, stranded in the middle.

For you I'm falling in love with me
From an unknown element, an atom
Amazing, from a substance that is interesting
From a mind-blowing love.

I'd like to play with the Earth,
I have a history under it.

Do you know what it's like to dance with pain?
Being able to love hunger without Philosophy?
I mean, instead of whining when you're hungry
Wanting to get used to that hunger and love?

Creating a relationship beyond kinship with pain
Building a relationship beyond love is endless
Day to see him like The Sun
Like the moon, like the star to see it at night.

More than that, it's always in the feeling mechanism
The dictator, that is, the commander-in-chief
Holding all the power
In the first sense in Rome.

All this is to know the pain, the wound
Who knows what I mean?
I don't know, but you're Ki yar
Dictator of size, dimensions.

So, at least for me
You get tired, you want to sleep
For you, this fatigue
You don't know what gives.

My mind has mapped the universe
But I'm your only village
I have not yet known, discovered
Or is the universe a weed in your village?

I'm not sure of anything anymore
Even death is not a certainty for me
If there's one thing I'm sure of, half.
I'd say this is he only;



1-How could Piri reis draw the world map from an almost flawless and more interesting bird'S eye view? How did he get a bird's-eye view of the world from the hill?

2-Why do all religions, epics, tablets, paintings, statues, tools found as a result of archaeological excavations and Research always mention gods, angels, spacecraft and living beings dressed as astronomers from the sky? Why all the history, legends, epics, findings about the sky?

3-What is the mystery of 3 thousand-year-old batteries confirmed by the Soviet Academy of Sciences? What were these batteries used for, even when electricity was thought to have just been found? That the island of Bacgues is riddled with unexplained statues, headstones, weapons used by a conscious being, creatures of the Paleontological age a hundred and sixty million years old, amazing cave murals, the frightening secrets of the pyramid of Cheops, what do they mean?

4-from the Indian epic called Mahabarata, the pyramids at kung ming Lake, people with high civilization lived in China forty-five thousand years ago, all over the world, from Eskimos to Japanese, Asian Africans, Indians to ancient Romans, Egyptians to modern Americans, there is always talk of fire and light-emitting vehicles, armed Gods coming from the sky.Why?

5-I quote: "How did the giant statues found on Easter Island in the Atlantic Ocean get there, who brought them, were they made there? It's an insurmountable problem. Six hundred people live on this island today, and even at its most crowded time, the population of this island did not exceed five thousand. It's dry, without plants, a rock that's not suitable for people to live on, but there are about six hundred statues on this island. What are these twenty-foot-tall, fifty-ton statues doing on the island? According to The Legend of the island people: these are the statues of "Lords from Heaven". The Gods(intelligent creatures)who descended from the sky taught the natives to light fires, and made these giant statues with the tools of their own advanced civilization. Leaving went away..."How can we explain this?

6-even Einstein did not laugh at these events, and shortly before his death; "flying saucers are ruled by a nation that migrated from Earth thousands of years ago. This nation is turning to resources., "he said. Why?


"There is only one answer, and you will give it in your own mind. I'm not the one asking these questions, my bibliography is available below. And these questions are not so much, there are hundreds of them. I've only shared a few. I'm not a researcher, a scientist, or a genius, I'm the one who will draw your attention to these people..."


First, I'd like to give you some advice.:

Erich Von Daniken

- Chariots of the gods

- Footprints of the gods

- Strategy of the gods

- Miracles of the gods

- The day the gods came

- Shock of the gods

- Return to the stars

- Seed and universe

And I'd like to suggest a lot of your books more strongly.

"Gods" are actually aliens. The fact that primitive people talk about it in epics, tablets, and call it gods that come from the sky with fires and lights, and write and draw these tools, the astronomer-looking aliens in them on rocks, walls, tools they make, statues, epics, tablets they write, makes us question history again.

Peter kolosimo

- Gods of other worlds

Giovanni Scognamillo

- Secret owners of the world

Turan Dursun

- Is the universe a joke?

I strongly recommend that you research and read his works and the recommended books in all these works. You'll see, you'll find dozens of mind-boggling statements, evidence, logical and provable things.

I have butterflies in my stomach...

As for the videos, I would like to give the names of researchers who speak in programs based on complete scientific foundations, which I believe will definitely benefit and change your thinking structure, as well as expand your field of view, in a short way;

- Hakan Akdoğan

- Haluk Özdil

- Farah Yurt

- Ali Selman Demirbag

And what am I doing all this for?

A new world is being built, friends,

So that you are already conscious of this new world and not shocked. When you read and watch the sources I've already suggested, you'll experience a temporary shock. I intend to interest you in these matters. A lot of the literature on our site pedals the chain on a waste bike and therefore counts it in place. There are other worlds, friends, even so that when a person realizes and reads them, does death really exist? What are we really? What will happen in the future? Like, and they'll question a lot more from the beginning. This means that we are now pressing into our hearts many things that are causing us suffering in a spiritual sense. Everything can be much different, we must be free of certain judgments and thoughts. The subject is so deep that first of all, Erich Von Daniken, The Cars of the Gods, Turan Dursun, the universe is a joke, Giovanni Scognamillo,

I suggest you start by reading his book The Secret owners of the world. You'll be so interested, you'll be surprised. And you will find a book in a book, a source in a source. Do you know what this means? It means that nothing can be as we think, it means that nothing is as we believe, it means that nothing is as we feel. And that's enough to express everything...

My respects...

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