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If Shadow Is Dead...

If Shadow Is Dead...

The symbol of your existence!

Expanding horizontally and vertically
Contracting shortly and narrowly…

Shadow tells,
You are alive
With thoughts and emotions!

It spreads your existence on
The surface of the earth!

Uniting with other shadow
Your shadow increase now and then
And may take some other in
It’s fold suddenly.

As the decreasing shadow
With the progressing day
Along with the growing age
The childhood decrease and decrease-

As the short-shadowed adolescence
And as the dwarf success of youth
It reaches underneath of your steps.

As the day progress still-
As the increasing
Relax of nerves and joints,
The deliorating block-headedness …
As reaching the eve of Life
Increasing bit by bit
Become dark in the darkness.

The shadow dies-
Declaring the end of your life!

The shadow-
It’s the sign of your existence!

Shadow is your freedom
And it’s your imprisonment also…

If your shadow is dead-
Your freedom and imprisonment also die!

The shadow-
It’s the sign of your Life!

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