If She Is A Beauty

If you see then she is a beauty.
If you smile she smiles in ether,
Looking her you cannot differentiate,
Enticement or eternal enlightenment,
I wonder if she is a beauty.

She was born before the phrase were alive.
I saw her from the darkness of the alchemist,
I never knew just felt the way i cannot express,
If you see she is a beauty that lies around,
you cannot touch her as she is so pure inside,

The drain of purity flows behind her way.
Filled with the emotion to own her,
you have forgotten who you are, cleanse yourself,
When you are pure, she will wait you there,
If you think she is a beauty, she is a beauty

by Diplove gautam

Comments (3)

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever - John Keats. A virtuous beauty is a rare gem and a blessing to any man that has won her love. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Drain of purity flows behind her way, beauty is ever beautiful in nature. Very nice writing.
Beauty is always highlighted and admired. A beautiful poem.