If Tears Could Create A Crane

If Tears Could Create a Crane

If tears could create a crane,
And memories were a-stood;
We would walk right up to death,
And burn death with our anguish pains

No goodbye words were said,
No opportunity to say farewell,
You exited before we knew it,
Our heartaches; only God feels it

Our eyes; gone blurred,
Our sights clogged,
What it meant to lose you;
May be known by just few

Grandma, we know you want us_
To mourn you no more,
But, to remember all the happy days,
Life still has abundant in store for us_

We pledge to you today,
Your prime never to be forgotten
Within the walls of our hearts; we say
Rest perfectly on the Lord's shoulder.

Farewell Grandma
(who died on 24th of December,2016)


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