If The Flames Do Not Turn Your Bones Into Ash

If the flames
do not turn your bones into ash
your bones will rot
deep in the ground
but only for Them
for You'll come around
and as They're carving into stone
You may walk again
through countless fields
and endless roads
They will remember you
for only a blink
of the Universe's Eye
but the fields and roads
shall know You
for all Eternity

by Clive Culverhouse

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its great and lovely writing on soul eternity 10+++++++++++++
They will remember you for only a blink of the Universe's Eye. very original thinking and presentation...... thank u dear poet. tony
the fire burns my corpse the mud devours my corpse the ocean gives opportunity its animal to swallow my corpse flesh or bone or shapeless I am a remembrance being in my activities even after death as the crawling time of eternity
Well I guess I see this simply as the fact that if your bones do not turn into ash you will become one with the earth and return over and over again...a form of rebirth...you will be reborn and walk the endless roads and countless fields over and over again as another...something?
Nice work. Thanks for sharing
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