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If The Ground Comes Out Beneath Me.
TN (July 16th,1989 / Seattle, WA)

If The Ground Comes Out Beneath Me.

Poem By T.C. Nyxx

Lift me up to the dawn,
It’s still breaking through,
The sun seems to overcome these clouds,
Why can't I overcome you?
As long as nobody is around,
I'm still sitting here alone,
In a sea of solitary dreams,
Save me someone,

And if my lungs collapse,
It’s not my fault,
I'm breathing now but I might lose it somehow,
My wings are stuck,
I cannot fly away,
Above the stars I'll run from these scars,
But you’re holding me down,
So I am forced to stay.

Living is not an answer,
It’s just a curse on my shoulders,
It seems its too much trouble to be worth,
There’s so much better if it works,
But the pain that keeps me coming back,
It’s like temptation in a red silk box,
It looks so good but a sin to follow through,
It’s hard but I want to leave everyone and you,

And if the ground comes out beneath me,
And I am suddenly found gone,
I'm breathing now but I might lose it somehow,
In the future it'd be to hard to say
Just remember that I didn't do it,
I'll leave when I’m ready,
Unless my hand slips when I'm not steady
Something must've gone wrong,
So I'm leaving, you know it won't be too long.

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