If The House Were Human (Wildflower Spoken Word March 28th)

battered hail storm water mold beaten shutters
flutter with the wind gusts kicking up the dust
and sweeping the leaves out of the gutters
the house is creaking a lot now
as the grandfather clock strikes two am
and the wind keeps whipping
the dachsunds whine with the clamour of
the flag being torn from its mounts
on the side of the house
what the hell am i to do now
as the siding comes apart
splitting off with a fury
i dash under the table
hug my knees
with my back against the cold concrete
i admit defeat
i dont want this anymore
just tell it to cease
wont you do it goddamn it please
with a crash there goes
a window pane
exploding into innumerable shards
i can hear the air rushing
with more intensity than ever before
this might kill us, we cant besure
its insane, its a beast
curious and scared i peak from my hiding place
and the door breaks open
slams from its hinges and onto the floor
papers fly off the table
books tossed from the shelves
lamp through the television
now, i heard about Dresden
but this is surely hell
and it all keeps breaking
chairs, bottles, dishes, vcrs, the oven
until the wind stops
and i crawl out to see what is left
of our house
just a few scraps of paper
and a house torn to shit.
by a mother's and father's
grand idea of a relationship.

by Daniel Edward

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