If There Is No Rain

Forget all and any tests administered in your past.
Keep a focus moving forward on your chosen path.
With strengthened faith dismiss darkened clouds,
To make it possible to complete further tasks...
You allow and determine you will pass.
And observe obstacles becoming less noticeable.
As if they did not appear to exist.
Or frighten you away as rumors of storms persist.
Although others may run afraid to face them!

'I don't understand that at all.'

Too many symbolic images?

The listening to pay attention to rumors.
Why is it people fear thunder,
Before it is heard or witness any lightening? '

That's the 'nature' of gossip to rumor.
Spiced with effective innuendo.
But for me...
If there is no rain,
I am not going to worry about a pain to gain.
If it does happen to rain,
No umbrella is going to stop my arthritis!

'I like the symbolism of that.'

That's a fact!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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