If They Built A Time Machine

If they built a time machine
Would I go forwards or back?
And just how many times umpteen
Would I go forwards or back?

The real question remains why
What would be the fascination?
Being sentinel is to beautify,
Here with now, no affirmation

Can exist better in time
Then the moment we all call now
To be alive is sublime,
I can't just change course disavow.

What's meant, from the beginning?
Can't just move forward or back?
Without slowly permitting
I likewise to become, unstuck.

If they built a time machine
It wouldn't hold a fascination for me
I'd rather have a painted silkscreen
That momentarily I can see.

Wet paint on canvas drying
On this wall, I would gaze at you
In love truly identifying
Each rainbow colour brushstroke, hue.

All for this one moment frozen
I'd hold my breath and say Amen
Frame what comes with corrosion
Forget tomorrow never comes, again.

by Mark Heathcote

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