In Darkest Night

In darkest night, the soul is alone.

The soul is alone and the world silent;
In deepest pain, silence like a knife
Can leave jagged wounds
A soft human voice can comfort and heal
A soft human hand can touch
And that is never too much.

In darkest night, the soul searches.

A ray of light, a hope, some solace;
Words of wisdom from a wise human being
Knowing the far path from which you've come.
Sometimes tired of just being.

Now dawn pales the sky.

There is the night and then the day
A giver and taker, taking all away
There is sorrow but tomorrow
Even after the darkest night
The soul will find the light.

by Rani Turton

Comments (2)

A perfect understanding of a God-less World in which life will appear to be a load of sufferings instead of a stream of pleasure. Lovely poem dear poetess.
Life without the presence of God to relieve the gray of sin and give hope and give us spots of sheer joy would be a drudgery beyond bearing.