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If This Doesn'T Work, Nothing Will

If This Doesn'T Work, Nothing Will

Dropping hints
Signals mixing
All broken heart
Require fixing

Fingers crossed
Hopes and dreams
Wishing things
Were what they seemed

Finding out
What is making
Is it true
Or Forsaking?

Where is gone
Made for going?
When is known
Made for knowing?

Thinking, guessing,
Will what happens
Be surprising?

Rules and bones
Made for breaking
As are hearts
There for the taking

Boys and girls
Enjoy flirting
Too much, excess
Renders hurting

Yet, if these thoughts
Are sincere,
Less bubbles burst
Less falling tears

And what results?
And what occurs?
Something steady
Something sure

Boyfriend and girlfriend
Both are fine
Long story-short
Will you be mine?

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