SKB (4th December 1966 / Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India)

# If Thou Art Now Awaken

/* A translation of a poem of Rabindranath Tagore */

My Lord! Inside me
If Thou Art now awaken
Then Be kind not to leave me again
Be kind My Lord!
Moist Thine eyes glisten
Let Them Bless me now
Forever My Lord!

Around the woods
So deep, so dense are these branches
Pours a rain inside so relentless
Sleeps a nigh there so quiet
In perfect laziness
In so much care
Around the lap of this shower

Ah! My life
Estranged from a sleep
Finds it so much touching
When two clouds love relentless in lightning
Wants so deep to join this chorus of raining

My heart with my tears washed
Like a silken ray embarks
From a deep dark vanquished
May search so earnest for Thy shelter
Only around this sunken sky!

Shamik Bose 30.05.10 West Springfield

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