EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)

If To Say I Be President

Hahaha If to say I be president
I go carry my house go London
I go build anoda one make in face Washington DC

I go make evribodi worship me
Their mouth go de jolly with Sai Baba
Until dey go go gaga

If to say I be president
I go use broom sweep my country acct
I go sweep evritin enta Dubai

If to say I be president
I go vacate all my Cows go East
So dey go chop belleful

I go stretch my presido enta CBN and Petroleum
I go just de wave wave hand give pipo every time
Becos my Papa goDeputy my Vice

If to say I be presido
Pythons and Crocodiles go de dance for East
I go make dem dance go Abia State

I go call Boko LeaveMe boys make dem de bomb bomb
Pensioners go de cry cry
While me go sidon inside my office for air de fly fly

If to say I be president
Pipo go join me shout change
But I go tie dem with Chain

I go leave roads make dem spoil
I go pursue kworupson for mouth
But my hands go protect am enta my hut

Pipo go hapi hapi say I don carry mouth chase am
I go enjoy tire
My name go beta pass Abacha for in road

But I no be president
I just be small bloody civilian
Wey dey hapi for anytin in get.


by Ekwueme Kelechi

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stay a civilian and enjoy everyday.... i will