KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

If U Love Me

if u love me than stay,
if u dont than go,
whoever said i wantted u here anymore?
i never did nothing that made it this way,
but i dont think that it was ment to be like the way i thought,
u left me stuck in this cold world of mine thinking that id b just fine,
love or hate,
i will never remake these feelings of mine,
i was never ment to b,
thats y u left me,
my scars turned into wunds once more again,
i dont know if this pain will ever end,
u give me glares of disapproval,
but i just walk by,
pretending not to care,
but inside my heart starts to tar,
i loved u more then u could even imagine,
and u just throw me away,
someday the wounds that were once scars,
will leave someday.

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