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If Using Profanity Was My Proclivity Of Choice
( / Connecticut)

If Using Profanity Was My Proclivity Of Choice

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Why do they look at you,
As if they are upset?

'They 'are' upset!
They said something I disliked.
And I responded not using one curse word.'

What did you say?

'All I said was...
If using profanity was my proclivity of choice,
I would not hesitate to use such procryptic measures.
But an insect to show my color,
I am not.'

Maybe they didn't know what you said,
And they were expecting for you to cuss them out.
And that is why they are upset.
Maybe they thought you were referring to them,
As roaches.

I have more respect for them.
They aren't the creatures getting on my nerves.'

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