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If War Is At The Core
( / Connecticut)

If War Is At The Core

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

If war is at the core,
That fuels the engine...
To keep an economy thriving.
And at full speed.
There will be more war.
More weapons made.
And more rumors of peace, Wished.
As if,
The elusiveness of it to get
Is dependent upon...
Who next can be depicted,
As a threat to a way of life
Inviting fears to produce.
And new enemies to describe.
While another innocent insect,
Or animal is introduced...
To be the reason and cause,
Of the latest created...
Epidemic to spread,
By lust and too much...
Prolonged and lingering,
Suspicious eye contact...
That has been found to be,
An unlawful way to solicit...
Determined not politically,
Or morally ethical correct.

But war?
And rumors of more...
Has become more acceptable,
Than the naturalness...
Of confessing wanting,
To be naked with someone...
Many find repulsive.
And offensive,
To their values...
And high moral standards!

Honorable it is to kill.
Lawfully to justify.

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