If We Are Not Here To Give And Receive

If we are not here to give and receive...
Why are we blessed with arms to reach.
And hands to offer,
What we have to share?

Why would our hearts be where there are...
With legs attached,
To move as we choose...
To distances near or far?
With minds when unconfined,
Can be anywhere and at any time!

If we are not here to give and receive.
And to believe,
That is why we are here.
Then why do some deny others the gifts...
They have been given to collect,
But they elect...
Just to let sit to do nothing with?

As things they witness dust and rust...
Providing them an emptiness.
With a faith they must keep trusted.
And an absence of their happiness,
Allowing themselves to be burdened...
With feelings to fulfill,
An unadmitted insignificance...
Enclosing within them,
As they pretend to hush this alone...
In a silent crush!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Some concept that is so fresh; a thought we all know but forgot; reminding us to wake up and be again humane....wonderful wakeup call...my heart felt regards.