If We Borrowed From Tomorrow's Joy Today

Stop endorsing thoughts that do not flourish
Your best wishes for complete and total wellness.
It's not a good feeling to have body aches
Or feelings of sickness you know you can't fake.
Not when it is yours...
Embracing you behind closed doors.
I KNOW that to be true!

I wonder if one chooses,
To tell the mind not to feel confined.
Within walls of limitation of all and any kind...
What would follow?

What would come...
If we borrowed from tomorrow's joy today,
What would follow in tomorrow's uncertainty?
Will we have enough for the rest of our lives...
To make more of it happen each day,
And be able to thrive in ways we wish!
Let it be known...
Any agony you own,
Is up for sale or leased!

Inspired By:
Frances J. McAlpine Sharp
Hartford, Connecticut

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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