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If We Cant Beloved, Let Me Be Your Friend

When I look into your eyes, my day are complete.
I felt like i am on paradise on my fantasy.
You are like an Angel passing by.

Only that my memory, feeling in my heart
I felt so guilty, whenever i fall apart
dont even let me go....
but you made me happy every time
i'll seen your eyes and you know that time will choice.

Time choices and take me to your side.
anything are possible, and the world are
beautiful i'll take my chance.
and my dream is coming true.
Just tell me you are mine,
and dont make me blue....
and i know for sure....when this time comes
I will never let you go.

If we cant beloved, let me be your friend.
take me in your lonely arm
dont keep it in, I'll be there for you.
If you never want me, I'll take care
and you will always in my heart.
If you need me I'll be there....

Dedicated to the very special lady....

by Patrice James

Comments (3)

awww this is so cute...very sad and romantic
Oh, dear....you know its not posible....thats bad....you open your heart...to her, that you know she cant. but wishing you all the best....and keep hunting. :) Maris
yet latching on to the love lest hurtful........beautifully expressed, great write of love, thanks for sharing