MB (November 16,1946 / Bangladesh)

If We Could

If we were high like the hills
If we could let our dreams fly
And could run in swellin' mood like rivers those flow in joy of liberty
And let our days turn to glow of light
And could write that song enchanting people with freedom
And return ourselves to that bakul's shade in moonlit night
If we could paint the horizon with green landscape
And could build up justice with the strength of our souls
If we could
Write down new declaration of independence on the birds' wings
And also the ‘communiqe of our freedom'
And utter in high-pitched voice, We don't obey, we won't
If we could mould our ownselves as we like
Then love would fly in love
The lover would say to his sweetheart
By touching her holy fingers, I love you
And this would not be uttering of mere words,
But forming of candid hearts

Translated by: Abul Kayyum

by Matin Bairagi

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